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December 19 2017

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December 14 2017

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December 10 2017

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December 09 2017

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November 25 2017

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November 24 2017

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November 22 2017

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November 21 2017

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You’re beautiful x

November 20 2017

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November 19 2017

stranger things kids as john mulaney quotes


Eleven: “Excuse me, I’m new in town and it gets worse.”

Will: “I have had a very long day. I am very small. And I have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under.”

Mike: “’Cause you know how you lie to your parents?”

Lucas: “I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing.”

Dustin: “They’re like, ‘Does that work?’ I’m like, ‘It didn’t NOT work.’”

Max: “Sometimes, babies will point at me. And I don’t care for that shit at all.” 

Steve: “Part of me was like, whatever, you know, you know those days when you’re like this might as well happen? Our life is already so goddamn weird.”

Nancy: ♫ And life is a fucking nightmare ♫

Jonathan: “When I’m walking down the street, no one’s ever like, ‘Hey look at that man.’ I think they’re just like, ‘Whoa, that tall child looks terrible! Get some rest, tall child! You can’t keep burning the candle at both ends!’”

Billy: “Well… you know how I’m filled with rage? I’m so horny and angry all the time and I have no outlet for it. So… eggs.” 


Joyce: “I think Emily Dickinson’s a lesbian.”

Hopper: “It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them.”

Bob: “I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating Saltines for like 28 years and then I walked right out here.”

November 18 2017

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They come in waves.

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